Otto Kaus ’42

1982 Professional Achievement Award

Otto Kaus, associate justice of the California Supreme Court, is known throughout the legal community as a ‘judge’s judge.’ He is well respected for his intelligence and integrity, and often envied for the lucid eloquence of his written opinions. A native of Vienna, Austria, Kaus became a naturalized citizen of the United States following his graduation from UCLA in 1942. He then went on to earn his LL.B. at Loyola Law School.

Justice Kaus was a practicing attorney for more than 10 years before entering the judiciary in 1961 as a Superior Court judge. He is a former faculty member of the National College of Trial Judges. Considered to be a leading expert in the law of evidence, his respect for the law is perhaps best conveyed in an excerpt from one of his opinions: “Judicial imagination is… no substitute for evidence.”

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