Talent: Solos

Natalie Brainin

Natalie Brainin explored and nurtured her love for music at a young age. Starting piano lessons at age five, she wrote her first piece at age 10, and started writing music regularly from that point onwards. Music is a lifelong passion for Brainin. She uses it to tell stories about real people and experiences, and hopes to inspire audiences through the reflective nature of her art.

Nick Valentini

Nick Valentini is an Americana singer/songwriter from San Diego, California. Through constant realizations and the never ending search for a fixed identity, it is through music that Nick attempts at originality and truthfulness.

Lashon Halley

Lashon Halley is a junior transfer who started singing/playing guitar her sophomore year of high school. Her biggest inspiration is singer/songwriter Ingrid Michaelson. "Done With You" was written for one of her close friends. She is very excited to be sharing her music with the Spring Sing audience for the first time.

Talent: Duets

Common Souls

After performing with the Primaries last year, Nick Velez (3rd year) and Ryan Yoo (4th year) are returning to the Pauley stage. Drawing from their similar musical interests, ranging from neo-soul to innovative electronic, they have teamed up to create a sound that incorporates many of these elements, including lush synths and electric guitar to live drums and a sub bass that’ll rattle the floor of Pauley Pavilion. Although the duo hasn’t released any music online, they plan on taking this collaboration past Spring Sing.

Priscillia and Alan

Priscillia Omon and Alan McDonnell met fall quarter 2014, while taking a songwriting class. The two share an eclectic taste for music. Born in Santiago, Chile, Alan is a pianist, composer and producer. He currently studies jazz piano at UCLA. Priscillia is studying ethnomusicology, with an emphasis in jazz voice. Born and raised in Los Angeles, she is a “triple threat” with a soulful message.

Wait For It

Gabby Puyat and Bentley Montes are incredibly excited to make their debut on the Spring Sing stage as an EDM duo called Wait For It. By implementing different elements of various styles of electronic music into their act, Wait For It is proud to share their original song entitled "Remember." This one goes out to their boy Curtis who couldn't be with them on stage!

Griffith Clawson

At age 11, Griffith discovered his passion for singing and songwriting. By 15, he was touring locally, raising money for foster youth and packing coffee houses. Today, he jams with his talented life-long buddies, like keyboardist "Wayno," and they can't wait to perform for Spring Sing.

Talent: Bands

Eva B. Ross Foundation

Eva B. Ross sings and writes songs and found three lovely men - David, Jules and Liam - with whom she formed the Eva B. Ross Foundation. Eva met David Miller, an international student from Madrid, at UCLA. The duo toured around L.A. and Europe and found that their growing sound called for the addition of UCLA student Jules Levy on bass and (oh me oh my) USC music major Liam Kevany on drums.

Loop Garou

When UCLA's underground music scene brought Andrew Giurgius, Nicholai Hansen, Nick Velez, Nick Valentini and Nate Schwartz together, they knew they had something unique. After they each cut their teeth in unique genres across the spectrum - jazz, bluegrass, electronic, folk rock and classic rock - they began churning out piece after genre-bending piece until they finally settled on an amalgamation of classic rock n’ roll, blues and psychedelic rock. They love each other like brothers, and their camaraderie is tangible in their music.

Fine Print

Fine Print is a group of UCLA jazz-studies students brought together with Spring Sing in mind. The collective represents some of the school's most experienced musicians, taking elements from R&B, funk and jazz. They hope to bring a new and exciting act to this esteemed UCLA tradition.

Talent: A Cappella

Bruin Harmony

Bruin Harmony is UCLA’s only, and therefore by default, sexiest all male a cappella group, and they are so excited to be able to perform in Spring Sing for the fourth straight year! They’re thankful to the Student Alumni Association as well as their wickedly talented talent director, Vanessa Guerrero, for the incredible opportunity to Rock Pauley again this year. Be sure to keep an eye out for their second recorded album to drop soon.

Random Voices

Random Voices, founded in 1999, is UCLA's oldest all-female a cappella group. RV holds their own concerts and performs at various events both on and off campus. Random Voices also hosts the annual California A Cappella Festival. They released their sixth album titled "Lot 7" in May 2014.

Signature A Cappella

Signature A Cappella is beyond thrilled to take the stage at Spring Sing. Founded in 2007, this all-female group loves sharing their music on campus and in the Los Angeles community at everything from sporting events to a cappella festivals. In June, Signature released their second album “A Little Louder” which can be found on iTunes. The 17 lovely ladies of Signature are Hannah Bannan, Amanda Bierhorst, Lauren Blenkinship, Dita Cole, Manjari Daniel, Mishael Edu, Reeva Gestre, Lashon Halley, Christina Kosters, Manali McCarthy, Nisha Nalamala, Erin Nicklas, Kelly Noe, Brette O’Brien, Clara Shader-Seave, Emilia Szmyrgala and Shani Taylor-Keeling.

Talent: Productions

Delta Gamma and Lambda Chi

Delta Gamma and Lambda Chi debuted on the Spring Sing stage last year and is lucky enough to be performing again this year in Pauley Pavilion. This year’s production theme is "Road trip Through California" and they couldn't be more excited. They can't wait to Rock Pauley!

HOOLIGAN Theatre Company

Now celebrating its tenth season, HOOLIGAN Theatre Company is an entirely student-run theater company that provides an educational theater experience to students of all majors. HOOLIGAN produces four main stage shows a year, along with numerous events and workshops. They are excited to make their return to the Pauley stage.


ACA Hip Hop

ACA Hip Hop is a competitive dance team based at UCLA, comprised of dancers who share a love for all styles of dance and performance. ACA Hip Hop is a family that values dedication, teamwork and growth. With late night practices in parking lots while balancing jobs, extra-curriculars and academics, their dancers posses the work ethic that will make them influential leaders in the community. The skills learned and the strength of their bond contribute to how ACA Hip Hop has become a supportive network that goes beyond dancing.

The Inner Sanctum

The Inner Sanctum is a performing arts collective formed by the tight knit community of UCLA's World Arts and Cultures/Dance Department. Through a collaboration of this school’s most dedicated musicians, actors and dancers, The Inner Sanctum will reveal why you should be careful what you wish for…


This year, Company 2015 is embracing its newfound artistic sophistication. Through a renaissance of elegance and finesse, Company hopes to pursue a journey of self-discovery that they feel will resonate with the UCLA student body. In a profound reflection on zealous academia, intricate student sociality, and sports, Company 2015 will empower the Spring Sing audience by innovating the way in which film and theater represent student life. And hey, if they win a statue in the process, they won't be complaining.

Stage Crew

The Spring Sing Stage Crew is a select group of student volunteers that work tirelessly to ensure that the show runs as smoothly as possible. Between acting as a stage liaison for the multitude of talented performers, to learning about the technical aspects that make Spring Sing tick, Stage Crew is an essential part of each and every Spring Sing show.

Dani Andrade
Sarah Casey
Andrea DelVesco
Adam Fletcher
Esther Lee
Matthew Lee
Chelsea Otterness
Cristina Rodriguez
Cassidy Shields
Jaclyn Tani
Ashley True

Executive Committee

The Spring Sing Executive Committee is made up of members of the Student Alumni Association, who dedicate their time and effort into planning, managing and executing every aspect of the show from beginning to end.

Max Baker - Executive Director
Brianna Kaplan - Assistant Director
Abby Freemire - Talent Director
Dominic Butler - Talent Director
Vanessa Guerrero - Talent Director
Ali Wolff - Company Director
Amir Ghowsi - Company Director
Ari Stanton - Production and Stage Director
Kelli Tani - Production and Stage Director
Kelsey Chan - Media Director
Sam Delgadillo - Media Director
Ali Adam - Judges and Awards Director
Disha Bhagwat - Judges and Awards Director
Veronica Kwiatkowski - Judges and Awards Director
Marina Stoye - George and Ira Gershwin Award Director

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